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May 12, 2015

For My Art

chrisburdenThe conceptual artist Chris Burden has just died at 69, an impressive age given that his artworks included the following: having an associate shoot him in the arm from 15 feet away with a .22 rifle; being crucified, with real nails, to a Volkswagen Beetle; attaching live electrical wires to his chest; crawling, nearly naked, through a field of broken glass; and in my favorite piece, entitled “Kunst Kick”, he was kicked down a flight of stairs at the Basel Art Fair.

Mr. Burden was a fascinating person, and he’s inspired me to plan my own conceptual works, which will include:

1. Reading Chris Burden’s obituary and wondering what sort of health insurance he carried.
2. Using a boxcutter to open a Fedex package.
3. Standing on the second-to-highest step of a small step-ladder to change a lightbulb in a ceiling fixture.
4. Insisting that a paper cut can be a life-threatening injury, because IT’S HAPPENED, WHY DON’T YOU GOOGLE IT, SMARTASS.
5. Walking barefoot ANYWHERE.
6. Wondering if I should wash my hands after opening that Fedex package, in case whoever sent me the package hadn’t washed theirs.
7. Using the bathroom at the gym.