“Gleefully wacky and irreverent.”

–The New York Times

“Line by line, Mr. Rudnick may be the funniest writer for the stage in the United States today.”

–The New York Times

“Deeply funny musings and adventures elevate Paul Rudnick to the highest level of American comedy writing.”

–Steve Martin

“One of the funniest quip-meisters on the planet.”

–The New York Times

“Paul Rudnick is a champion of truth (and love and great wicked humor) whom we ignore at our peril.”

–David Sedaris

“Quips fall with the regularity of the autumn leaves.”

–Associated Press

January 25, 2015

Reasons To Live

Taraji-HensonTaraji P. Henson on the new hit Fox series Empire – she’s funny, sexy, audacious and an altogether spectacular actress. And she knows how to wear hats, gowns and furs. The show is sensational, too.

Watching all of the Republican presidential hopefuls battle it out – they’re starting to resemble especially befuddled farm animals, bleating and snuffling.

Helpful online salespeople, who answer questions quickly, process refunds and somehow exhibit a sense of humor.

The HBO show Getting On, especially when Laurie Metcalf is discussing fecal incontinence.

Heated mattress pads. Which do not cause fecal incontinence.

Wondering why I always picture bitcoins as an imported sugary treat from, say, Luxembourg.

And you can never have too much Taraji P. Henson, especially in coordinated leopardskin: