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February 6, 2014

Two Little Words


In the great movie 42nd Street, when the star breaks her leg, the producer makes a memorable speech to the terrified understudy. This is the classic you’re-going-out-there-a-frightened-little-girl-but-you’re-coming-back-a-star! speech. One of things the producer says, to inspire the young lady, is something along the lines of, “Think of the two most glorious words in the English language: musical comedy!”

In this spirit:

The two most disgusting words in the English language: Wet sneakers.

The two most depressing words in the English language: Interactive theater.

The two most spiritual words: Cashew turtles.

The two most useful words: Thank you.

The second two most useful words: Fuck off.

The two happiest words: Rent free.

The two words which inspire the most relief: It’s benign.

The two most terrifying words: I do.

The two most absurdly encouraging words: Extra strength.

The two most prayed-for words: Not guilty.

The two friendliest words, even when used during intense S&M sex: Good doggie!

The two most irritating words: Bill O’Reilly.

The two most delightful words: Tina Fey.

The two sexiest words: Real butter.

The two most longed-for words, for a child: Snow day.

The two most longed-for words, for a parent: Sleep in.

The two most intriguing words: Adults only.

The two most elegant words: Noblesse oblige.

The two least elegant words: Permanent press.

The two most shamefully satisfying words: Rave review.

The two most necessary words: Toilet paper.

The two most worrisome words: Black ice.

The two least worrisome words: Vanilla Ice.

The two most dangerous words: Why not?

The two most romantic words: Billion dollars.

No, I was kidding, the two most romantic words are really: Trillion dollars.

No, come on, let’s get real, the two most romantic words: Right now.