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March 15, 2015

Critical Questions Which Demand Answers

questionIs life too short to ever truly wrestle with the aesthetics of wearing patterned or brightly colored socks?

If the Nobel Prize ceremony had a red carpet, would some of the nuclear physicists diet for weeks beforehand?

Why is trying to unravel the ethics of the Hillary email situation so exhausting? Exhausting to the point where I just don’t care, unless some of the hidden emails were sent to Beyonce?

After such a horrible and prolonged winter, why does the prospect of spring seem daunting, as if the planet is groaning, oh no, not another season?

An issue which has never concerned me: should I join a frat?

I’ve just seen that terrific new HBO documentary on Scientology, and here’s my question on joining a brainwashing, soul-deadening, entirely irrational cult: who has the time?