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June 22, 2015

Today’s Questions

questions_answers_5When politicians are backed into a corner, and finally take the tiniest steps towards holding a moral position they should’ve adopted years earlier, why do they expect to be applauded?

Are Republican presidential candidates secretly hoping that the Supreme Court will rule in favor of gay marriage, so they can attack the ruling without having to do anything about it?

At 7 AM this morning, I watched as a woman was led out of Starbucks towards either a waiting police car or a waiting ambulance. Had a crime occured, a seizure, a brawl, or a little bit of all three? As a New Yorker, should I have stuck around for more details?

Have scientists ever determined the exact second at which a child’s wailing turns from heartbreaking to annoying?

Isn’t the NRA basically a lobbying group for serial killers?

Isn’t air-conditioning a far more impressive achievment than either fire or the wheel?