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–Associated Press

March 14, 2014

Ban Prissy


In response to the Ban Bossy campaign to outlaw the use of the word “bossy” and empower little girls, we must also begin a Ban Prissy campaign, to empower little boys. Little boys have every right to be fastidious and precise, without getting called names. Because when you call a little boy prissy:

– He may think it’s a bad idea to coordinate his briefcase with his outerwear, on the first day of kindergarten.

– He may decide not to request that the other children call him “Mr. Rudnick.”

– He will stop referring to his juicebox as an aperitif.

– Before taking a nap, he will no longer put fresh cucumber slices over his eyes.

– During dodgeball, he won’t ask his gym teacher, “So why did you decide to dodge getting a real job?”

– He may shy away from naming “the most chic” letters of the alphabet.

– During a classmate’s tantrum, he might not murmur, “No names, but someone needs to take their Ritalin.”