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February 5, 2015


Bruce-Jenners-MOTHER-Confirms-Him-Transitioning-Into-A-Woman1Esther Jenner, Bruce Jenner’s 88-year-old mother, was recently asked to comment about her son’s transition, and she replied, “I never thought I could be more proud of Bruce than when he reached his goal in 1976, but I’m more proud of him now. It takes a lot of courage to do what he’s doing.” Esther is truly a great and loving Mom, and the Bruce Jenner story has become a perfect media mega-tsunami for the following reasons:

It involves the reactions of an entire wealthy, much-publicized clan: it’s a Dynasty moment.

It will confound the far right, who will struggle to reconcile their skepticism of all transgender-related issues with their feelings for an Olympic hero who appeared on the Wheaties box.

It will allow transgender advocates to compose infinite op-ed pieces concerning the correct and respectful way to report the story.

It will most likely annoy Kim Kardashian, because for the duration, she’s been moved to the edges of the spotlight, which may account for her recent flurry of hey-remember-my-butt nude photos.

It will permit every media outlet to devise endless angles, from promoting Bruce’s nail polish choices to positioning Bruce as a symbol for just about everything.

Since Bruce seems happier than he’s ever been, the story may have a happy ending.

The whole deal may lead more viewers to watch Transparent on Amazon, which is a terrific, superbly written and cast show and a helpful guide to much of what Bruce may be experiencing; in the best way, Transparent is the Bruce Jenner Cliff’s Notes.

The story will at last give Kris Jenner just what she’s always dreamed of: even more publicity.