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–The New York Times

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–The New York Times

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–David Sedaris

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–Associated Press

March 12, 2014

Game Over


I confess: I was completely tickled when, in this past Sunday’s New York Times crossword puzzle, 78 Down was “I_____Hamlet” (Paul Rudnick play).

For a certain period, I did the Times puzzle obsessively, until I realized that for the words I didn’t know, I could just fill in anything. I never did the puzzle again.

I hereby give you permission to cheat on whatever print, video or party game you are playing. Nothing bad will happen to you. You will be free.

There is nothing more satisfying than tipping over a board game so that all of the playing pieces fall onto the floor, and I’m including chess. Especially chess. After you do this, it’s entirely permissible to say to your opponent, “I win!”

The headline on Sunday’s puzzle was “Nosy Nonsense.” I took this very personally, on so many levels.