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January 14, 2015

Gay Movie Stars

Gay stars have often refused to come out, from fear of having the word “gay” permanently attached to their names. Now these stars will have the words “famously closeted” permanently attached to their names.

Media mavens have wondered if audiences would ever accept an openly gay leading man. Gifted stars like Matt Bomer and Neil Patrick Harris have proved that such acceptance can be far easier than anyone presumed. Talent, magnetism and dazzling good looks remain a handy formula for stardom.

Stars shouldn’t worry so much: the vast worldwide audience assumes that all actors are gay.

Certain gay politicos are rarely satisfied, claiming that openly gay supporting actors “don’t count.” This remains insulting nonsense.

Nick Jonas has proved that courting the gay audience is a savvy career move. Male stardom now demands a swimsuit competition.

I refuse to think of Cary Grant and Randolph Scott as closeted, especially in the pool: