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June 30, 2014

My Heroes


Whoever invented, and more importantly whoever named trail mix. Google tells us that many surfers, Danish people and food companies claim to have invented this blend of peanuts, raisins and M&Ms, which you can buy in pillow-sized bags at Costco. Most significant is the name: eating something called “trail mix” allows me to feel as if I’m off on an invigorating mountainside hike, doing something good for myself, instead of devouring an incredibly addictive, high calorie dessert, while sitting in the car on the way home from Costco.

Those two lesbians I saw yesterday on Varick Street: while they were young and able-bodied, one of them was pushing the other one in a wire shopping cart, as the woman in the cart waved a rainbow flag. I want this image to be cast in life-sized bronze and displayed next to the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, as a gay Iwo Jima.

The crews who clean up the streets of New York remarkably quickly after any parade, once the celebrants have left behind their mounds of plastic cups, burrito wrappers, empty water bottles and much, much worse.

Whoever invented duct tape: the perfect solution to so many home decorating challenges and relationship issues. It’s just not a fully realized couch without duct tape. Here’s a couch made of duct tape:


Amy Schumer. There are so many aspiring comics and improv people on Youtube, and my mind wanders after three seconds of their videos. Amy S. goes the distance, and I’m so glad she’s making a movie.

Spike Lee, for his terrific movies, and because I just watched him being interviewed for the 25th anniversary of his classic “Do The Right Thing”, and he explained that the opening sequence, of Rosie Perez dancing, was inspired by the opening of “Bye, Bye Birdie”, where Ann-Margret, on a bare soundstage, sings the title tune.