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March 23, 2014

One Degree Of Kevin Bacon

This clip has been all over the web: it’s Kevin Bacon reprising his dance from Footloose on
Jimmy Fallon.

Right before Kevin shot Footloose he appeared off-broadway
in my first play, called Poor Little Lambs. The play was
about the Yale Whiffenpoofs and Kevin was cast as the studliest
guy in the singing group. He was a joy to work with
and a terrific actor. I especially remember his soulful
rendition of a poem his character wrote called “I, A Guy.”

Kevin was also, of course, effortlessly cool. We were
having a cast party where everyone was eating triscuits
and drinking wine out of plastic cups and I turned to
find that Cher was standing next to me. She had a crush
on Kevin but he was otherwise involved, and he was a
very loyal and honorable person.

At one point in the play all of the male characters
appeared in drag, which was a Whiffenpoof tradition,
and Kevin was a demure vision in peach chiffon ruffles,
as designed by William Ivey Long.

The play was given a great production directed by
Jack Hofsiss and the cast featured such wonderful actors
as Albert Macklin, Miles Chapin, Bronson Pinchot, and
Gedde Watanabe. The play itself was a very early effort
and a wake-up call: the writing was lacking, and working
with such talented people made me realize that I had a
very long way to go, if I ever really wanted to become
a writer.