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June 6, 2014

Shameful Confessions


1. Yesterday, when I saw the Word “Tianamen” online, for a split second I thought that it was referring to an LGBT gender-identification category which I’d never heard of.

2. I truly believe that gelato is just ice cream with motor oil added.

3. The more I read about the situation, the more I’m completely unable to formulate a coherent opinion on the Bowe Bergdahl case. And I’m trying desperately not to base my opinion on the hairstyles of Bergdahl’s creepy parents.

4. I’m beginning to believe that people who militantly refer to themselves as geeks or nerds are the new fascists.

5. While I always at least pretend to appreciate alternate points of view, I see no upside to street fairs. No one needs a fake Peruvian chunky-knit hemp cardigan, or some especially smelly food-on-a-stick, that badly.

6. I watched a news report on dogs being kept in cages at a shelter, and shockingly, none of the dogs made me go “Awww…look at the cute little doggie…” The dogs on this report weren’t sad or mangey, which would’ve made them heartbreaking – they were boring. It was the Olive Garden of animal shelters.

7. Every food is improved immeasureably when it’s eaten while lying down. This is not a shameful confession – this is a fact.

8. I love the mystery of anyone pushing an empty stroller.