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January 11, 2015

Things I Like More In Theory Than In Practice

smoresS’mores – there’s something turdlike about them.

Subway musicians – do I really want to stand right next to the guy playing Hey Jude on his amplified steel drums?

Respecting other people’s beliefs. It’s exhausting.

Trying not to to instantly and passionately loathe a total stranger based solely on his or her shrill speaking voice on the street or in the subway.

Any theatrical production involving no scenery except for continually rearranged chairs. Our Town doesn’t count.

Binge-watching. I’m sorry, but it’s not the same as getting hooked on a great book.

Young people – they’re just not interesting enough, yet.

Old people – sadly, age rarely makes anyone wiser or deeper. And yes, you did tell me that story before.

Improv. Most often, it’s the equivalent of mimes talking. Which is interesting for about three seconds.

Here’s a S’mores pillow. I rest my case, regarding the turdlike thing: