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October 22, 2014

Things To Yell At People Riding Bicycles Who Ignore Red Lights and Stop Signs and Almost Hit You

62518-print1. “Go back to Denmark!”

2. “If you’re riding a bike, why are you still fat?” (This is especially useful when yelled at people who aren’t overweight, because it will destroy their self-esteem.)

3. “Watch out for that….oops!”

4. “Don’t worry, the law doesn’t apply to you, because you’re special! You should be in a special class!”

5. “I LOVE YOU!” (If you sound especially sincere, this will confuse the bicycle rider and make him turn around and then ride into a tree.)

6. “Cool spandex outfit! Flattering!”

7. “A Citibike! Hot!”

8. “Thank you for saving the planet! Asshole!”

9. “That guy stole my bike! Get him!”

10. “You dropped something!”