“Gleefully wacky and irreverent.”

–The New York Times

“Line by line, Mr. Rudnick may be the funniest writer for the stage in the United States today.”

–The New York Times

“Deeply funny musings and adventures elevate Paul Rudnick to the highest level of American comedy writing.”

–Steve Martin

“One of the funniest quip-meisters on the planet.”

–The New York Times

“Paul Rudnick is a champion of truth (and love and great wicked humor) whom we ignore at our peril.”

–David Sedaris

“Quips fall with the regularity of the autumn leaves.”

–Associated Press

August 5, 2015

Writers Cred

To earn a certain sort of street cred, people will say things like, “I once killed a man with my bare hands” or “I just got back from my third tour of duty” or “I changed a flat tire.” Writers are a different breed, and to establish writers cred, you need to say things like:

“I once copy-edited my manuscript and removed over 314 semi-colons. From the first two chapters.”

“Real writers don’t use quotation marks.”

“Do you know the difference between capitol and capital? Do ya, punk?”

“Sometimes I don’t indent paragraphs. That’s right, baby.”

“I footnote my footnotes. Because that’s who I am.”

“My editor asked me to make my book’s chronology coherent. I just laughed.”

“Sure, I could Google the information about actual events. I just don’t want to.”

“Yeah, maybe the phrase Writers Cred needs an apostrophe somewhere. Do I look like I care?”